Think You Have TMJ? How A Chiropractor Can Help

If you're having pain in your jaw and you have concerns that you may have TMJ as an adult, you want to see a chiropractor to explore your treatment options. Healing the problem with chiropractic treatment instead of braces and other corrective oral work may be more affordable, less time consuming, and less noticeable.  

You can't be sure what treatments will work until you try, and the chiropractor can help you find the best pain and treatment plan while you get adjustments. Here are a few things to talk about when you see the chiropractor.

Manual Manipulation

Bad posture over time can lead to TMJ and the misalignment of your jaw bones. The chiropractor will use manipulation to realign your skeletal structure, helping the jawbones to move back into place. This will relieve the pain and tension in the jaw joint, along with the strain and pain throughout the face, neck and shoulders caused by the condition. It may take several treatments for the bones to stay in place.

Protective Mouth Piece

Are you grinding your teeth at night? If so, your teeth are at the risk of getting damaged and having enamel wear. This can also be causing a lot of soreness, headaches, and eye sensitivity. A protective mouthpiece you can get over the counter will allow the teeth to slide easily throughout the night, so there isn't a lot of friction and grinding that can lead to oral health complications. This can also help ease suffering.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy treatments to help relieve pain in the neck, head, face and back from the TMJ will be a great temporary pain solution while you're getting your TMJ treatments. The massage can help treat joint stiffness, headaches, and strains that are interfering with your everyday life because of the TMJ.

The severity of the condition, the alignment of your teeth and jaw, and the type of pain you're having will all determine if you can get treatment from a chiropractor for this condition. When you get a consultation with the chiropractor they will take an x-ray of the jaw bones to make their own assessment of the problem, and they will use their hands to feel the problem in the skull. The chiropractor is a great natural treatment with the option that allows you to get pain relief without needing braces for months, and without having surgery to correct the problem. For more information, consider contacting companies like Dimond Chiropractic Center.