You Will Enjoy Your Massage More If You Can Really Relax – Here's How

In today's hectic world, you're already doing yourself a favor if you make time in your busy week to visit a massage therapist. Regardless of your specific goal for the session, help with relaxation is likely on the list of things with which you want the massage to help. However, if you've run straight from work to the clinic and have to dash off to pick your child up at school once the massage wraps up, for example, you might have a hard time truly relaxing as you lie on the table. Here are a handful of tips to employ to deepen your relaxation.

Emphasize Your Breathing

Holding your breath is something that you'll often do when you're stressed; breathing deeply is a sign of relaxation. While you might be self-conscious about taking deep breaths in your everyday life because of the sound of the air being emitted, there's no reason to be embarrassed at the massage therapy clinic. Therapists know that when you're breathing deeply, you're getting relaxed and enjoying the benefits of the massage – plus, relaxation extends to your muscles, which means the therapist will have an easier time treating you.

Ask For Some Essential Oils

Massage therapists typically use unscented oils as they work on your muscles, but you can request the use of essential oils to promote relaxation. Many practitioners keep a supply of essential oils on hand to aid in the relaxation process for their clients. Lavender essential oil, in particular, has an ability to help you relax. A few drops of this oil mixed in with the unscented oil will release a pleasant scent in the clinic room and help you unwind.

Request The Music Of Your Choice

Soothing music is commonplace in massage therapy clinics, but not everyone finds the same type of music relaxing. Don't shy away from making a music request when you arrive and get settled into your room. Anything from the sounds of nature to peaceful classical music to even gentle chanting/mediation records can promote relaxation and help you feel as though your body is melting into the table.

Say That You'd Like Your Treatment In Silence

While it's often enjoyable to chat with your therapist during your treatment, some people find that they can relax more deeply if the treatment is offered in full silence. This means that you don't have to worry about thinking if your therapist asks you a question or makes a comment. You won't hurt your therapist's feelings by politely requesting that the treatment takes place in silence.

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