Lower Back Pain: Non-Narcotic Options That Offer Real Relief

Lower back pain does not discriminate. While those in their middle and senior years may be more likely to be affected, children, teens, and young adults also experience this type of pain. Because of a growing awareness of addiction problems with prescription pain medications, many of those who suffer lower back pain are hesitant to consider using them. If you or a loved one is struggling with lower back pain and want to avoid pain medications, the following non-narcotic relief options may be able to help you reduce pain levels and make them more manageable. 

Stop behaviors that worsen the pain

Personal habits and actions are known to increase the stress on the spine and bring about increased levels of pain. Some examples of behaviors and actions that have this effect include the following: 

  • Wearing shoes with higher heels or a design that lacks sufficient support to make walking and standing comfortable.
  • Incorrect lifting techniques, such as lifting heavy items with your back instead of the knees.
  • Wearing backpacks, book bags, or handbags that are too heavy or those that are not properly balanced and adjusted to reduce stress on the spine and musculature.

Lower back pain that arises from these behaviors may take months to present because the stress on the muscles and bones of the spine are cumulative. By the time the pain is evident, there may be lasting damage that will take time to repair. 

Consider changing work habits 

Lower back pain sufferers who work a sedentary job may find that the chair they use each day and their posture while they are at work may be causing or contributing to their pain issues. Taking steps to upgrade to an ergonomic chair that offers good lumbar support and adjustable height options can make a real difference in the amount and severity of lower back pain symptoms. 

Rule out other medical issues

Urinary tract infections, some types of cancer, and many other types of internal medical issues can have symptoms that include moderate to severe lower back pain. Those who are suddenly afflicted with this type of pain should get a medical checkup to rule out any serious medical issues as part of their search for relief. 

Consider a chiropractic care option

Lower back pain that is not associated with a medical condition or illness may simply mean that the spinal bones and supportive muscles and ligaments are not properly aligned. Chiropractic care including adjustments, massage therapy, and additional options can help realign these bones and muscles, releasing stress and hopefully relieving the pain.