A Chiropractor Has Treatments To Help Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a fairly common condition that can make it difficult to do simple daily activities. When you can't lift or rotate your arm, it's hard to get dressed, work, or care for your children. There are several possible causes of shoulder pain that could involve the muscles, tendons, nerves, or shoulder joint. A chiropractor can diagnose the reason for your pain and apply treatments that help with healing. Here's how a chiropractor might help your shoulder pain.

Give Spinal Adjustments

One common cause of shoulder pain is when a nerve is compressed in the neck or spine. Pressure on the nerve causes irritation that spreads to your shoulder. Taking pain relievers might dull the pain, but to treat the problem, pressure should be relieved on the nerve so it can heal. Spinal adjustments can move joints back into a more normal alignment that decompresses a pinched nerve. You might feel relief after a single treatment or it could take a few treatments for lasting pain relief.

Increase Shoulder Mobility

Treatments can also be given on your shoulder to help increase mobility. The chiropractor might manipulate your shoulder joint, or move it through range of motion exercises that increases movement and flexibility. If you haven't been moving your shoulder due to pain and stiffness, you may need exercises to stretch your shoulder and strengthen weakened muscles. Massage treatments and myofascial release might be indicated if you have scar tissue that contributes to pain and limited movement of your shoulder. The exact treatment you receive will depend on the nature of your condition and the tissues involved.

Provide Pain Relief Treatments

It will take time for injured tissues or irritated nerves to heal, so you might need pain relief treatments while you wait. A chiropractor can provide treatments designed to relieve your pain for the short term while you're being treated with the goal of long-term relief. A spinal adjustment may bring about pain relief with each session, but your chiropractor may also provide heat therapy, cold therapy, or ultrasound therapy as well. These can help with pain by decreasing inflammation in your shoulder.

When you have shoulder pain, you should think about seeing a chiropractor no matter what caused your pain. A chiropractor treats many conditions besides back pain since problems with the spine can cause pain in other areas of your body. When you receive treatments designed to promote healing, you can recover quicker so you can resume your normal lifestyle without being limited by pain when you move your arm or lift something.