A Chiropractor Has Treatments To Help Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a fairly common condition that can make it difficult to do simple daily activities. When you can’t lift or rotate your arm, it’s hard to get dressed, work, or care for your children. There are several possible causes of shoulder pain that could involve the muscles, tendons, nerves, or shoulder joint. A chiropractor can diagnose the reason for your pain and apply treatments that help with healing. Here’s how a chiropractor might help your shoulder pain.

Lower Back Pain: Non-Narcotic Options That Offer Real Relief

Lower back pain does not discriminate. While those in their middle and senior years may be more likely to be affected, children, teens, and young adults also experience this type of pain. Because of a growing awareness of addiction problems with prescription pain medications, many of those who suffer lower back pain are hesitant to consider using them. If you or a loved one is struggling with lower back pain and want to avoid pain medications, the following non-narcotic relief options may be able to help you reduce pain levels and make them more manageable.

Why You Should Visit A Chiropractor After A Car Accident

If you were in a car accident several days ago, or a few weeks ago, and you are feeling very sore, you may want to visit a chiropractor to have him or her evaluate you. A chiropractic evaluation can be helpful after a car accident if you feel pain in your back, neck, hips, or legs, and here are a few important things to know about this. Chiropractors specialize in treating common accident injuries.

How Can You Treat Your Back Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery?

If you suffer from chronic back pain and don’t want to use drugs or surgery to treat it, try chiropractic care. While surgery and medications are good pain management options, they’re not for everyone. Chiropractic care alleviates your pain in many ways, including spinal adjustments. Here’s more information about your back pain and what you can do to treat it. Why Does Your Back Hurt? Chronic back pain develops from a number of problems, including muscle strain and poor posture.

Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Back

While there are some back problems that can’t be prevented, such as degenerative disk disease, there are also others that can be caused by bad posture, as well as doing things that put more stress on your back. Learn about ways you can prevent yourself from suffering avoidable back issues in this article. Remove as much mental stress as possible You want to begin by removing all the stressful situations you can.

Three Types Of Therapies Effective For Children With Heart Defects

You might be surprised to know that congenital heart defects are the most common types of birth defects in the world. In the United States 35,000 babies are born with a congenital heart defect each year. While many are simple conditions that can be easily fixed, others types of heart defects are more complicated and may require surgery, medication, and ongoing care. If your child has been diagnosed with a heart defect, here are three types of therapies that may be beneficial.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

Fibromyalgia is not very well understood by scientists and doctors, and though conventional pharmaceutical treatments work for some, they are not the answer for everyone. If you’re been relying on conventional treatments for your fibro but are still suffering from symptoms such as lethargy, depression, and muscle soreness, consider seeing a chiropractor (such as one from Olson Chiropractic Centers). Many patients have found chiropractic care to be effective in managing their fibro symptoms.

Alternative Medicine Options For Your Gastroparesis: What You Should Know

If you suffer from a condition known as gastroparesis, in which your stomach muscles are partially paralyzed and do not contract properly to move food through your digestive system, then you may wonder what you can do to improve your health and feel better in the meantime. While standard, conventional medicine does offer treatment options, you may be looking to take an alternative or holistic approach to the treatment process. Get to know more about some of the alternative medicine options available for your gastroparesis so that you can give them a try to relieve your symptoms and to get your gastrointestinal system up and running.

You Will Enjoy Your Massage More If You Can Really Relax – Here's How

In today’s hectic world, you’re already doing yourself a favor if you make time in your busy week to visit a massage therapist. Regardless of your specific goal for the session, help with relaxation is likely on the list of things with which you want the massage to help. However, if you’ve run straight from work to the clinic and have to dash off to pick your child up at school once the massage wraps up, for example, you might have a hard time truly relaxing as you lie on the table.

Combating Computer Fatigue

You’ve heard the warnings about a sedentary lifestyle for years, and recent studies have simply reinforced this information. Of course, many people have jobs which place them behind a computer for hours each day. These jobs not only limit your physical activity; they can cause a number of physical problems. If you and your computer are inseparable, you need to make changes to stay healthy. Sitting Position When you were younger, your parents and your teachers may have frequently warned you to “

Got Headaches? 3 Things You Need To Do

If you are commonly suffering from headaches, you aren’t alone. They’re common and occur regularly. However, you shouldn’t refer to them as normal and just allow them to occur every day. You shouldn’t have to suffer through them. There is a reason they are occurring. You just need to determine why and put a stop to it. In most cases, there is an effective treatment method available for you. In fact, chiropractic care may be one way to treat your headaches.

Think You Have TMJ? How A Chiropractor Can Help

If you’re having pain in your jaw and you have concerns that you may have TMJ as an adult, you want to see a chiropractor to explore your treatment options. Healing the problem with chiropractic treatment instead of braces and other corrective oral work may be more affordable, less time consuming, and less noticeable.   You can’t be sure what treatments will work until you try, and the chiropractor can help you find the best pain and treatment plan while you get adjustments.

Car Accident? 3 Delayed Injuries To Watch Out For

Car accidents, even minor ones, can result in a whole host of injuries, including broken bones, sprains and internal bleeding. Unfortunately, sometimes symptoms of injuries sustained in a crash don’t surface until several days or even a few weeks after the accident. So if you feel fine after having an accident, you’re not necessarily out of the woods. You must watch out for signs of hidden injuries by paying attention to delayed symptoms.

3 Tips For Preparing For A Chiropractic Adjustment To Treat Whiplash After A Car Accident

A small car accident that does not seem severe can cause trauma to your neck and body. The impact of the crash causes your neck and body to jolt forward and then back. These injuries may not be apparent immediately; however, after a few hours, you may notice that you are suffering from whiplash. This can sometimes be temporary, but the pain that follows is often unbearable. You may notice that your neck and spine are stiff and lack mobility.

Four Ideal Times To Schedule A Therapeutic Massage

When it comes to scheduling a therapeutic massage, many people think of doing so when their body is in some degree of discomfort or they’re celebrating a birthday. While these are certainly valuable times to call your local massage therapist and book an appointment, there are many other ideal times to consider making this healing practice a part of your life. If your lifestyle is busy, it can be difficult to slow down and receive a massage, but the many health benefits mean that doing so is always worth it.

Three Drug Free Ways To Manage Your Back Pain During Pregnancy

As your body changes during your pregnancy, you may experience some uncomfortable side effects. Back pain is a common ailment that afflicts numerous pregnant women. If you prefer to avoid taking pain pills during your pregnancy, consider these drug-free options to reduce your back pain. 1. Wear a Pregnancy Support Belt During pregnancy, the increase in hormone production can cause your muscles to relax, resulting in aches and pains. A pregnancy support belt, also referred to as a belly band, helps cradle your growing stomach so that less strain is put on your back.

Tips For Helping Relieve Your Child's Anxiety Through Pediatric Massage

If your child is anxious or has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, you might not know how to help him or her. This could be extremely frustrating for you because it might hurt to see your child not feeling his or her best. One practical step that you can take to reduce your child’s anxiety is to take your child to a center that specializes in pediatric massage. Pediatric massage helps children to relax physically, which can then translate to their emotions being soothed.

Tips For Managing Your Neck Pain During Your Commute

If you’re chronically dealing with neck pain, your best bet should be to visit a chiropractor to begin a treatment plan. Because it might take a number of adjustments before your chiropractor is able to alleviate the pain, you can help yourself on the path to healing by making choices throughout the day that won’t further aggravate your neck. If you spend a considerable amount of time sitting in your car during the commute to work, it’s important that this period of time doesn’t contribute to your neck pain.

4 Ways To Cope With Neck Pain

Neck pain can be deeply troubling, and in some cases even debilitating. It can cause you to take time off from work and school, and can cause the muscles of your neck to eventually atrophy. However, there are a few ways in which you can deal with neck pain as it sets in. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few ways to cope with neck pain.

Treating An Accident-Related Headache And Neck Pain

You walked away from a minor fender-bender a few days ago with little more than a stiff neck. A few days later, the headaches began and now they are severe. You have the typical symptoms of a whiplash injury. You could put up with the headaches and neck pain for several days as your body heals, or you could seek out the help of a chiropractor for whiplash relief. Here is why you have this delayed pain response and what a chiropractor will do to help get rid of the pain.

Exposing The Truth: An Examination Of Some Common Myths Surrounding Chiropractic Care

The chiropractic field has long had its critics. Many people won’t go see the chiropractor not because they have studied the facts and come to a logical conclusion that chiropractic care won’t work for them, but rather because they believe some of the commonly touted myths about the profession and about the treatments that chiropractors offer. The truth is, so many people could benefit from chiropractic care – a safe, natural, whole-body therapy.

Looking For A Chiropractor To Treat Your Child With A Sports-Related Pain? What To Look For When Hiring One

If your child is suffering from stiff joints or soreness because of high physical activity or a sports injury, you may be considering taking them to a children’s chiropractor. However, while their use is becoming more frequent, not every parent knows what they should be looking for when hiring one. Here are some factors to consider if you are looking to hire a child’s chiropractor for sports-related pain.  What Experience They Have Treating Kids

Understanding Infant Torticollis

Does your child seem to avoid turning his or her head a specific direction, or is their head always tilted a certain way? If your baby does not have full range of motion to turn their head, they may have infant torticollis. Usually, this condition is not serious and can be remedied with some specialized stretching and treatment. Here’s what you should know about this condition. What causes infant torticollis?

A Short Guide To Rolfing

Developed by Dr. Ida Rolf in the earlier part of the 20th century, the massage technique known as rolfing is becoming a common way of helping those who have been injured or experience chronic pain. If you are unfamiliar with this method, you are not alone. Here is a short guide that explains how rolfing works and some things you should know about if you plan to schedule a session.

What To Know About Chiropractic Care And Lower Back Pain

 Lower back pain can be something that you suffer with on a daily basis. If this is the case, seeing a chiropractor may be in your best interest. Lower back pain can be extremely difficult to live with, especially if you sit behind a computer all day at work. You may feel that you consistently need to get up and readjust yourself. This can definitely affect work performance in a negative way.